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Pediatric Chiropractic in Richmond Hill

Child crawlingYou may wonder why a child would need chiropractic care. After all, they’re likely not experiencing back or neck pain. We believe that chiropractic care can help them have a healthier start in life and allow their nervous system to function optimally. When their nervous systems are free fr0m interference, kids may be sick less often and enjoy better overall health.

Issues That Can Be Addressed

While chiropractic care isn’t a cure or treatment, there are many common childhood conditions that may improve with chiropractic:

  • Better posture
  • Better mobility/balance
  • Better sleep
  • Better overall health and wellness

How Do You Adjust Children?

We use Activator Method® which uses an instrument to provide an extremely gentle adjustment. Dr. Chan can adjust the instrument to the lowest setting so this method is considered to be safe and effective for kids of all ages.

Putting Kids at Ease

If your child hasn’t been adjusted before they may feel nervous or not sure what to expect. To help kids feel comfortable, Dr. Chan will show them how he adjusts their parents so the children can see how the Activator works. Rest assured that getting adjusted in our practice is a low-key and low-stress experience.

Dr. Chan will provide a brief exam and then an adjustment. For kids who are 5 and older, he also will check the feet to see if orthotics are necessary. As the feet are the foundation of the body, he wants to make sure their feet are developing properly and that no issues are present. When prescribed, orthotics can help stabilize the body’s foundation so children can grow up with better biomechanics.

In addition to checking the feet, Dr. Chan also checks children’s spines to see if scoliosis is present. If it is, further investigation by other doctors will be needed. Dr. Chan wants to catch scoliosis as early as possible so kids can get the treatment they need to correct the sideways curvature of their spine.

Do you see children of all ages?

Yes, chiropractic is considered to be safe for all ages, from newborns to teens. Our adjustments are extremely gentle and painless.
How often should I bring my child in for care?

It depends. If your child has a particular condition or a sports injury they may benefit from more frequent care. Some parents prefer to bring their child in once a year for an annual wellness check.
Can chiropractic help improve my child's posture?

It may! Kids and teens are often spending a lot of time on their digital devices, often looking down, which can strain the neck. Chiropractic adjustments can improve postural imbalances.

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