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Chronic Stress Related Pain

Natural Treatment for Aches Caused by Stress

Neck pain at the deskStress affects the body in many ways. One of the more devastating effects is chronic pain. Whether it’s headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, or just general soreness, chiropractic care can help people suffering from chronic pain by ameliorating many of the dysfunctions and misalignments that occur throughout the body. Here at Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Ronnie Chan and our team provide the care and support necessary to help you unlock your true health potential.

What Is Chronic Pain and What Causes It?

This condition is defined as pain that has been present or reoccurring for at least three months. The human body is amazing, and in many circumstances, can heal itself from injury. Other times, it needs a little help. When it comes to chronic pain, especially when caused by stress, chiropractic care can help the body heal. By ensuring a person’s musculoskeletal system is in proper alignment, something chiropractors help their patients achieve, the body is set up for success when it comes to recovering from acute injury and chronic issues alike.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Here at Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic, we address stress issues with the Activator Methods and massage therapy. The Activator Methods are great ways of performing low-impact spinal adjustments on patients who may not feel comfortable receiving manual adjustments. This tool-assisted technique allows our chiropractor to provide all the benefits of manual adjustments, such as better bodily function and musculoskeletal pain relief, in a safe and natural way.

We also provide massage therapy at our clinic. While the health benefits of massage go far beyond relaxation to include the reduction of muscle tension, an increase in blood flow, and an overall reduction of pain, it’s important not to overlook just how essential relaxation can be. If you’re suffering from the compounds of stress over time, massage is tremendously effective at reducing your symptoms.


Here at Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we’re proud to help our communities heal and recover from issues of all kinds. If you’d like us to help you recover from your chronic pain condition, or simply want to know more before you make up your mind, give us a call at (905) 707-8328.



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