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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in Richmond Hill, ON

Man with severe back painAt one point or another, nearly everyone experiences that painful ache in their back. It accounts for numerous doctor visits and is among the most common reasons people give when they call in sick to work. For some, it is occasional, for others, the pain is chronic. Pain in the upper and lower back is common, and your Richmond Hill chiropractor here at Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic can help you find relief.

Seeking a Chiropractor Nearby for Back Pain

Part of the reason why people experience so many back problems is that sedentary lifestyles and obesity have become more and more common. Many are going beyond their regular doctor to get relief from pain, however, and look to chiropractor in order to find an approach that will not only help relieve aches but can address overall health and wellness.

Dr. Ronnie Chan is an experienced chiropractor that can help with a variety of health and wellness issues, besides back pain issues. Dr. Chan takes a whole health approach, and can look at your specific needs to find a treatment method that is best for your condition.

Types of Back Problems

Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is the most common type of back issue. For some this ache is mild, and many simply choose to deal with it rather than see a chiropractor. However, if it is ignored too long it can turn into a very painful and chronic condition. When pain is exclusive to the low back, it may be dull. In some cases, pain that begins in the lower back moves into the legs, and may even reach the feet. This may be sharper and could signal a sign that there is a problem with the sciatic nerve.

This type of problem is often caused by straining the muscles in the back, exercising bad form while lifting, or general overexertion.

Upper and Middle Back Pain

While not quite as common as lower back issues, upper and middle back pain still poses a problem for many. Some of the things that cause problems in this area include:

  • Poor Posture
  • Strain from overuse
  • Pressure from a herniated disk
  • Vertebrae fracture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Myofascial pain in muscle tissue

When pain happens, there are two main goals; alleviate it, and prevent it from coming back. At Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Chan works with each patient to help them reach these goals by using customized treatment options including standard spinal manipulation, corrective exercises, acupuncture, lifestyle and diet advice, and more.

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