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Neck Pain

Richmond Hill Chiropractor Offers Holistic Treatments for Neck Pain

man working in city with neck painNext to back pain, neck problems bring more people to see a chiropractor than any other condition. Dr. Chan is proud to offer patients relief from neck pain without using medications or minimally invasive surgery.

In addition to traditional chiropractic techniques, our chiropractor also provides acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling/wellness programs and the Activator method for eliminating common problems like muscle soreness and stiffness.

Causes of Neck Pain

Sprains and strains of the neck are one of the most common reasons patients visit us. Strains occur when tendons or muscles become irritated by overextension and over use. Sprains happen when overuse of ligaments produces inflammation and soreness. Sleeping in awkward positions can overextend neck soft tissues, making it difficult to turn your head without feeling sharp pain. Poor posture may also contribute to chronic neck pain, especially if you spend hours in front of a computer with your head tilted forward and your shoulders slumped. This particular sitting position puts more strain on your neck’s soft tissues than if you sat upright with your shoulders back and straight.

Other causes include:

  • Repetitively moving your head side to side (swimming, dancing, playing sports)
  • Holding your head in an unusual position for extended periods (painting ceilings, for example, or cradling your telephone between your shoulder and head)
  • Whiplash due to auto accidents or sports injury
  • Cervical subluxation (misalignment of neck vertebrae)

An effective and popular chiropractic technique to ease neck pain involves the Activator, a small, handheld tool designed to deliver gentle, impulse forces to your spine for restoring healthy motion to affected spinal vertebrae. An alternative to spinal adjustments, the Activator method allows Dr. Chan to relieve upper cervical problems with HVLA (high-velocity low amplitude) thrusts. It also works to realign the spine and reduce back pain as well.

Dr. Chan recommends acupuncture for pain if other chiropractic methods do not meet a patient’s needs. By inserting tiny needles at certain points on the skin, your Ontario chiropractor stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal inflammation by releasing analgesic hormones into the bloodstream. Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Chan today if you are interested in acupuncture therapy.

In addition to relieving musculoskeletal pain through various chiropractic techniques, a comprehensive approach allows for your body’s maximum health. Dr. Chan understands this and may recommend a comprehensive approach for treatment, offering physiotherapy, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, or corrective exercises.

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